• Some details on shaving

    Shaving is for many a ritual of care. In any case, we do not shave properly. There are essential steps and an order to follow in the steps to follow ...
  • Advice from Jérome, shaving professional

    Jérome Bracco is responsible for Salon de Coiffure Antonini in Dudelange, Luxembourg. He already has 21 years of professional experience as a hairdresser. In addition to all his training, he wanted 10 years ago to train as a barber. This for several reasons: he wanted to and also because it is always important for him to broaden his knowledge, his field of expertise and his service provision.

  • Shaved or with a beard?

    Contrary to what we sometimes read, shaving does not make beard hair harder. In fact, the razor blade cuts the hair at an angle and this just makes it sharper, hence the impression.