Michel Fouarge ambassadeur de Raz*War

One of our ambassadors: Michel Fouarge

Each brand has its ambassador (s). We present to you this week, the first ... It is about Michel FOUARGE. As such Michel is our faithful representative, an authentic, natural and spontaneous man.

Who is he ?

Michel was born in Luxembourg. It is difficult to put a label on him because he has been and still is a fashion model, photo model, singer, actor, photographer in turn and artist or rather photographer / graphic designer, book illustrator, designer of clothes for two brands that will come out. soon… He is also an actor and currently tours a lot!

Michel Fouarge acteur


He also touches on pictorial art with his working method called "Ab nihilo". He produced many works, purely digital images which are abstract or figurative paintings. They express modernity in its purest form.

Michel Fouarge art ab nihilo


The common denominator to all its activities is IMAGE in all its forms and facets. Michel has always been drawn to the artistic world. He is an artist that is difficult to qualify because he touches everything.

He acts on instinct. He is in his world, in his universe with his vision of things. He is a completely hardworking perfectionist.

We appreciate him for his kindness and because he has remained natural, simple and full of essential values.

The Raz * War adventure

We are happy that Michel has accepted this collaboration because he embodies the modern man in all his glory. He appreciates our products, our philosophy, our values and we are happy to have him as a partner. In addition, his image and charisma correspond completely to our products and what we were looking for. Its image and its values are completely like us.

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