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Des cadeaux de Noël originaux et naturels pour les hommes

Now think about your Christmas gifts

  We often do it at the last minute even though every year we think it will be the last time. In this regard, we are all incorrigible. So in order to help you, we are going to give you some ideas.   Why choose the Raz * War brand? Why choose our brand? There are many good reasons that we will giv...
Le rasage au féminin

Shaving for women

And yes, it is not only the Gentlemen who shave, some women too, but we are not talking about beards, we are quite in agreement so no need to laugh in your beard Gentlemen precisely ...
savon de rasage naturel

True or false?

Here are 10 questions and answers on some received ideas that some men have about shaving ... We clearly tell you what is true or false and above all, we argue.
Jean-Philippe Facques Raz*War

Welcome to shaving soap / EXIT shaving foam

The ancients used methods that were good. Modernization also has positive points, but not that… We want everything to go quickly, quickly, quickly. Hence the creation of aerosol cans that deliver foam or shaving gels ... But do you wonder for a second what they are made of? Well you should. We e...
Jean-Philippe Facques ambassadeur Razwar

Our second ambassador Raz * War

We are delighted that Jean-Philippe represents RAZ * WAR because he embodies our values well. He is athletic, good in his skin, good in his head, good in his life. He is balanced, loves life. He is an epicurean and a nature lover.
Michel Fouarge ambassadeur de Raz*War

Our Raz * War ambassadors

Each brand has its ambassador (s). We present to you this week, the first ... It is about Michel FOUARGE. As such Michel is our faithful representative, an authentic, natural and spontaneous man.

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