• A Brief History of Shaving

    Great names have made shaving history. Alexander the Great, Peter the Great, the Kampfe Brothers, King Camp Gillette, all have contributed to the evolution and revolutions that have marked the unique history of shaving. The invention of the safety razor, the first multi-blade razor, all contributed to the science of shaving today.

  • Guide to an smooth Shave

    Whether you shave every day or wait until you've had a short beard  before starting, these few steps will help you enjoy a smooth shave. First and foremost, remember that it's important to wet your face and apply your shaving cream or soap before shaving. If your beard is several days old, it's even better to shave after showering, so that the hair can soak up water and make shaving easier

  • How is soap foam created?

    Soap is composed of a head that likes water and repels fat, and a tail that likes fat and repels water. This is where the washing power of soap comes from: the tails trap the greasy parts, and the heads cling to the water when rinsed. This sphere of soap molecules is called a micelle.

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