• Do women prefer you clean-shaven or not?

    Many women like clean-shaven men. They see them as well-groomed, caring, looking good. They like the smooth skin and the "I'm looking after myself and I'm clean" look. Women love men with a well-groomed look, that's obvious.

    But don't worry gentlemen, other women like men with a day or two of beard. These women find you rather sexy.

  • 4 tips for avoiding and treating shaving cuts

    Shaving cuts are very often caused by a simple lack of attention. Yet, these cuts can occur even in the best of environments. There are techniques to minimize the risk of cuts with a few gestures and products to apply before, during and after shaving. Here are our tips on how to avoid cuts, but also how to best care for them

  • How to use and take care of your badger?

    Le blaireau (ou brosse du rasage) est un élément essentiel du rasage dit « traditionnel » (wetshaving en anglais). Il en existe de toutes tailles, et de tous types de matière. Le manche peut être en bois, en résine, en métal, il y en a pour tous les goûts. Les poils peuvent provenir de véritables blaireaux (du dos de l’animal, de son cou, ou de son ventre), de sangliers, d'ours, de chevaux, mais ils peuvent aussi être synthétiques.