Réduire l'inflammation avec des huiles

How to make a pimple disappear as quickly as possible?

You get up this morning and… surprise: a pimple has come to nest on your face. We love. And he arrives the day before an important meeting. Professional, friendly or sentimental meeting. Either way, we all hate it.

Do we pierce, do we not pierce?

And clearly, many can't help it but often the result is much worse afterwards because in addition to the pimple, you will be red and the edge of the "beast" will be swollen for a while. If you really can't help it and if the button has a yellow tip, go for it, but not just anyhow. Hygiene oblige! Wash your hands well, take 2 tissues, unfold them and take one in each hand. Position your fingers around the button and gently poke. Immediately disinfect your pimple and let it dry.

To remove inflammation

A very simple and little known trick is to use cold. Take a clean cloth (washcloth or handkerchief for example) and put an ice cube in it. Apply the ice cube for ten minutes. This action will help to tighten the blood vessels and calm the inflammation. Be careful not to burn yourself with the ice (it is possible, yes). For a convincing result, do this 3 times for an hour. In general the results are good with this method.

A natural remedy...

Green clay is a very effective grandmother's remedy. Apply a layer of green clay on the pimple in the evening before going to bed and let it act all night. You can put a plaster on it to avoid spreading your pillow... The next day, remove the clay with a cotton ball. Repeat the operation if necessary.

…and another

Essential oil enthusiasts can get tea tree. This essential oil is effective in getting rid of pimples quickly. Just apply 2 drops on the end of a cotton swab and position the cotton swab on the pimple in question morning and evening. Tap your pimple to make the oil penetrate the skin. A small pimple may disappear in one night and a larger one in two nights.

Hydrate your skin

Whichever option you have chosen, consider moisturizing your skin to soothe it. For example, use aftershave oils to improve the quality of your skin

An anti-pimple stick

If the button is red, it is better not to pierce it. Go to a pharmacy to buy a local and targeted treatment based on salicylic acid, for example. It's always good to have some at home just in case... Here you are ready for your next "date". It is better to know what to do and not show up with a huge spot in the middle of the face…
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