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homme crème hydratante

Take care of yourself gentlemen

Men are taking better care of themselves. Indeed, care is not only reserved for women anymore. women. And cosmetic companies are well aware of this.
Blaireau de rasage et savon de rasage

Your shave Step by Step

Yes, we know that shaving is considered a chore for many of you gentlemen. But, since it's a must, you might as well not be upset and try to make it look good all the same.
Safety razor

Old fashioned shaving is TRENDY

More and more men are embracing this trend of using beautiful objects to take care of themselves. So, they are proud to carry on the tradition and bring out their beautiful shaving brush and razor that is a REAL razor and not a disposable plastic one (not great for the environment).  
Les femmes vous préfèrent rasés de près ou pas ?

Do women prefer you clean-shaven or not?

Many women like clean-shaven men. They see them as well-groomed, caring, looking good. They like the smooth skin and the "I'm looking after myself and I'm clean" look. Women love men with a well-groomed look, that's obvious. But don't worry gentlemen, other women li...
4 conseils pour éviter et soigner les coupures liées au rasage - Raz★War

4 tips for avoiding and treating shaving cuts

Shaving cuts are very often caused by a simple lack of attention. Yet, these cuts can occur even in the best of environments. There are techniques to minimize the risk of cuts with a few gestures and products to apply before, during and after shaving. Here are our tips on how to avoid cuts, but a...
Choisir, utiliser, et entretenir un blaireau de rasage - Raz★War

Choosing, using, and maintaining a shaving brush

The shaving brush (or shaving brush) is an essential element of so-called "traditional" shaving (wetshaving in English). There are all sizes, and all types of material. The handle can be made of wood, resin, metal, there is something for everyone. The hair can come from real badgers (from the bac...
Quelle est l’influence de l’eau sur le rasage? - Raz★War

How does water affect shaving?

Water is the key element of a good shave. It keeps the skin hydrated and helps soften the hair, making it easier to cut. The use of shaving oil forms a protective barrier, preventing water from evaporating during shaving. It is also the water that creates the lather on a shaving soap. So water is...
Faut-il se raser dans le sens du poil? - Raz★War

Should you shave with the grain?

At the first pass of the blades, it is essential to shave in the direction of the hair. This first pass alone removes 80% of the hair length. Shaving the first pass against the direction of the hair very often causes ingrown hairs, irritation, and even burns. Indeed, if the hair is long, shaving ...
Tout savoir sur l’huile de rasage - Raz★War

Everything you need to know about shaving oil

Shaving oil has multiple virtues, and it is the little secret ingredient that will turn a good shave into a perfect one. Especially useful for men with sensitive skin, thick hair, or who are prone to ingrown hairs or razor burns, shaving oil has been making a comeback lately.