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Ideas around shaving: True or false?

Here are 10 questions and answers on certain received ideas that some men have about shaving... We tell you clearly what is true or false and above all, we argue.

1) It's good to put a warm towel on your face before shaving...

The heat dilates the pores of your skin and will help soften the hair. This will make your shave easier.

2) Exfoliating regularly will prevent pimples or ingrown hairs from appearing on your face...

Regular scrubs will unclog your skin pores and prevent pimples and ingrown hairs. A scrub will unclog your pores and remove dead cells from your face. Your skin will be purified and less apt to produce impurities.

3) Shaving against the grain is more effective.

Men with sensitive skin should favor shaving in the direction of hair growth. This is to limit irritation. What is acceptable is to make a first pass in the direction of the hair and possibly make the second pass in the direction that you like, provided of course to add shaving foam for better glide and to limit the irritation.

4) Shaving soap is best for caring for your skin. No aerosols, HELP!

Clearly, spray cans should be avoided for a variety of reasons. They are full of chemicals, the gas that propels the foam dries out the skin. Raz*War's organic shaving soaps are of high quality and have undeniable properties. Your skin is precious so choose the right products.

5) The shaving oil to apply before the shaving soap is useless?

It's obviously not mandatory, that's for sure. BUT, it will allow your razor to have a better glide and who says better glide means that your skin will be better protected. In addition, it will prolong the life of your blades. So it's all benefits at all levels... All you have to do is test!

6) Aftershave serum is just a marketing product.

After the passage of the blade, your skin is inevitably sensitized. The serum will give your skin the comfort it needs. The serum nourishes your skin and helps fight against dehydration. A skin to stay beautiful needs to be hydrated, it is obvious and logical. The serum will increase the elasticity of your skin and revitalize the protective layer of your skin. So it's very important...

7) The badger makes a nice creamy lather

The shaving brush promotes the creation of a very creamy and thicker foam that will allow you to shave in the most absolute comfort.

8) Using a safety razor is more reliable?

The return to the sources does not happen by chance. Men have noticed that shaving “in a hurry” is not good for them. The comeback of the safety razor is obvious. Safety razor blades glide better and feel better. So why deprive yourself of it?

9) Traditional shaving is less expensive?

OK shaving bombs are not expensive but last less time than shaving soap. In addition, disposable razors last less, they wear out faster than a good safety razor. You may not be convinced, but it is. As the months go by, traditional shaving will be more economical.

10) Are organic products really necessary for shaving?

And sincerely, YES organic products are to be preferred. Do you want to slather your face with chemicals? We NO, that's for sure. If we have a choice between good and bad products, our choice will be quickly made. Our Raz*War cosmetics are all made in the traditional way, they are organic and good for the skin. They are therefore urgently recommended! On good terms...

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