Le rasage au féminin

Shaving for women

And yes, it is not only the Gentlemen who shave, some women too, but we are not talking about beards, we are quite in agreement so no need to laugh in your beard Gentlemen precisely ...

Beautician or means on board?

Not all women want to go to the beautician to have their hair removed ... So they do the job on their own ...

The Jersey…

So let's be clear ... we will avoid the razor for the sensitive area and favor the use of a trimmer that will be more adequate or simply think about hair removal. Now if you handle the razor like a pro, then LET’S GOOO.

Armpits and legs

You stung the Shaver Raz * War of your man? You are right. The blades are top quality and the cosmetics are top notch. But you still have to respect some basic rules:

  • For the armpits, PITY, do not shave clean without putting on shaving soap. The moss organic artisanal shaving soaps de Raz * War will please you, I promise. You like the texture because the foam is beautiful and creamy and because the 3 soaps also smell super good, so why go without? So you apply the foam under your armpits and slowly move your razor up and down. Don't press down on the blade, just let it slide.
  • For whole legs or half legs, proceed in the same way. First run your legs under hot water, it will make shaving easier. Coat yourself with foam and run the razor where you have hair to remove. Once a week should be sufficient. Especially in winter when the hairs grow more slowly.


After you shave, it is good practice to wash the shaved areas with cold water. Run the water directly on your skin or with a wet towel, pat the shaved areas. This will allow your pores to tighten. All you have to do is hydrate yourself, nourish your skin because you have still put a little strain on it.

For this you may have a moisturizer for the body. If not, continue using your man's Raz * War range and apply a Soothing and calming organic aftershave serum : your skin will love it because this serum contains only good ingredients that will nourish and soothe it.

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