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Why go back to traditional shaving?

Shaving should no longer be considered a hassle. On the contrary, modern man has understood that it is a privileged moment when he takes care of himself. Traditional shaving therefore regains its letters of nobility and that's a good thing.

The benefits of traditional shaving

    • Know that traditional shaving is a lot less aggressive for your skin. Especially if you use healthy and organic products. With good products, a single pass of the blade can be enough, you therefore attack your skin less. Since safety razors only have one blade, the skin is necessarily less irritated than with a multi-blade razor. 

    • With a quality razor, you change the blades less and you only change the blades... It's also better for the planet than throwing away your plastic razors regularly. It is additionally more economical to invest in a nice razor and only have to change the blades at a lower cost, rather than consuming disposable razors which will cost you more over time. A good razor can last a lifetime! You only change the heads or the blades depending on the product you have chosen.

    • In the long term, traditional shaving is therefore more economical and more ecological.

    • Traditional shaving is more precise. The safety razor is ideal for marking the contours of a beard since it has only one blade. Likewise, it is perfect for shaving more complicated areas such as under the nose. 

  • The safety razor is also perfect for those who wait to have a nice growth of beard before shaving. It pulls much less on the hair than a multi-blade razor. This allows toavoid tightness, but also the ingrown hairs.

What to buy?

OK traditional shaving may seem "Old School" but it is not at all... It is precisely the MODERN man who picks up good habits.

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