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The ancients used methods that were good. Modernization also has positive points, but not that… We want everything to go quickly, quickly, quickly. Hence the creation of aerosol cans that deliver foam or shaving gels ... But do you wonder for a second what they are made of? Well you should.

We enlighten you on this subject

Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients that these products contain? Well do it, it’s very interesting. Or better, thanks to an application dedicated to this (like INCI Beauty for example), scan the barcode to see how the product is rated. In general, it literally calms down.

All cosmetic products can be scanned if they have been referenced and sincerely, we encourage you to do so because we put products on our skin on a daily basis without knowing if this can have consequences on our health ... The consequences are numerous but we do not think about it. This is why we caution you.

Scan our products, you will be stunned by their scores ...

A little chemistry is lovely!

Aerosol foams and gels are mainly composed of chemicals from petrochemicals. Expelling the product requires gas which will dry out your skin. Many products contain propylene glycol also derived from petrochemicals (although in theory it is not harmful to health) ... personally I do not want to stick this on my skin.

Some of these components are known allergens or better yet, powerful endocrine disruptors (triethanolamine, parabens ...), some are even carcinogens, and others are very harmful to the environment when discharged into the oceans. Let's stop the massacre ...

Back to natural

Indeed, long live the natural, healthy products whose components we know ... RAZ * WAR products consist of few elements (essential elements) and which do not have any unpleasant surprises ... They are good for us and harmless for the planet, that's cooooool.

Our know are handcrafted from premium quality organic ingredients. Our hypoallergenic shaving soap is manufactured by Les Savonneries Bruxelloises, supplier to the Belgian Royal Court. It serves as both a shaving soap and a cleansing soap for the face.

Take a look at the composition of our soaps and you won't want to use anything else, that's obvious.

Savon de rasage naturel bio

Code barre Atomic Kim
Scan the barcode with the Inci Beauty app

Shaving soaps

The goal for a good shave is to use good lather. And frankly, getting our foam up doesn't take a lot of time. When you test and see the difference in quality, smoothness, you might be really flabbergasted. Your shave will be more pleasant, more comfortable

In addition, our shaving soaps are made with NATURAL products that will hydrate and nourish your face (and not dry it out). This is very important for maintaining the elasticity of your skin and slowing down its aging.

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