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Jean-Philippe Facques Raz*War

Welcome to shaving soap / EXIT shaving foam

The ancients used methods that were good. Modernization also has positive points, but not that… We want everything to go quickly, quickly, quickly. Hence the creation of aerosol cans that deliver foam or shaving gels ... But do you wonder for a second what they are made of? Well you should. We e...
Jean-Philippe Facques ambassadeur Razwar

Our second ambassador Raz * War

We are delighted that Jean-Philippe represents RAZ * WAR because he embodies our values well. He is athletic, good in his skin, good in his head, good in his life. He is balanced, loves life. He is an epicurean and a nature lover.
Michel Fouarge ambassadeur de Raz*War

One of our ambassadors: Michel Fouarge

Each brand has its ambassador (s). We present to you this week, the first ... It is about Michel FOUARGE. As such Michel is our faithful representative, an authentic, natural and spontaneous man.
Michel Fouarge pour Raz*War

Quésako shaving oil?

We don't talk much about theshaving oil and yet! It is a really essential cosmetic product for shaving. You absolutely must test, you will love it.
Michel Fouarge

Some tips for having beautiful skin

You all want flawless, peachy skin, right? Balanced skin, without redness, without dark circles. It is undoubtedly a question of good genes but we can force nature a little by adopting good gestures, good resolutions to have the radiant and silky complexion of which we dream.
Le poil de barbe

Beard hair

The beard is a collection of hair that covers the cheeks, chin, jaw and around the edge of a man's mouth.  
les étapes de rasage

Some details on shaving

Shaving is for many a ritual of care. In any case, we do not shave properly. There are essential steps and an order to follow in the steps to follow ...
Jérôme Bracco barbier

Advice from Jérome, shaving professional

Jérome Bracco is responsible for Salon de Coiffure Antonini in Dudelange, Luxembourg. He already has 21 years of professional experience as a hairdresser. In addition to all his training, he wanted 10 years ago to train as a barber. This for several reasons: he wanted to and also because it is a...
Jean-Philippe Facques

Shaved or with a beard?

Contrary to what we sometimes read, shaving does not make beard hair harder. In fact, the razor blade cuts the hair at an angle and this just makes it sharper, hence the impression.
Etienne Delorme photographe

Making of future Raz*War ads

Each advertisement has a genesis, a very precise story and its development is never trivial, believe it in our experience in the matter.