La longueur de la barbe dépend de plusieurs facteurs

How long would my beard be if I never shaved?

This is a question that men have been asking themselves for centuries: What would be, on average, the length of a man's beard if he had never shaved? As fascinating as it is frustrating, there is unfortunately no easy answer. The length and thickness of your beard depends on a variety of factors, including genetics and hormones. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at facial hair and explore some of the factors that influence its growth.

The length of your beard is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Genetic : The genetic makeup of each individual plays a fundamental role in the speed and thickness of facial hair. For example, Asian men tend to have thinner, less dense facial hair than Caucasian or African men.
  • Hormones : Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are hormones responsible for facial hair growth. Men with higher levels of testosterone and DHT will generally have thicker and longer beards.
  • Age: Facial hair generally gets thicker and longer as men age. This is due to the increase in testosterone levels that occurs during puberty.

Therefore, if you think your beard grows at an average rate, it could reach between 30 and 100cm. But be warned: No Dumbledore: The Guinness-approved world record holder for the longest natural beard belongs to the Canadian Sarwan Singh. His record? Not less than 2.495m.

Given its needs, we saw a market for beard oil in the person of Sarwan Singh, and we turned to innovation. Our teams are working internally to come up with an optimal product for the maintenance of such a beard. But in the meantime, our best advice is that he turns to one of our serums for his interview.

We will tell you more about hair growth cycles in a future post. Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

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