Jean-Philippe Facques ambassadeur Razwar

Our second ambassador Raz * War

Who is he ?

Jean-Philippe Facques was born in France, he is 50 years old. He has always been passionate about sports. He started playing football at the age of 5, then he played tennis, handball and also ran.

The passion continued him throughout his life as he embraced a career as a semi-professional player in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg from 23 to 37 years old. He held the post of central defender. Then, for 3 years, he pursued a career as a player-coach, still in Luxembourg.

At the age of 40, he challenged himself to try his first triathlon and since then he has continued with great fervor. Each year, he has a series of great trials. The most beautiful was the AlpsMan in 2017.

Jean-Philippe Facques ambassadeur Razwar


The RAZ * WAR adventure

We are delighted that Jean-Philippe represents RAZ * WAR because he embodies our values well. He is athletic, good in his skin, good in his head, good in his life. He is balanced, loves life. He is an epicurean and a nature lover.

Jean-Philippe Facques ambassadeur Razwar

He immediately flashed our products, their quality, the fact that they are natural. He therefore embodies the RAZ * WAR man as we might imagine him.

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Jean Philippe est LE gentleman par excellence.
À l’écoute des autres, moderne, ouvert d’esprit, élégant et intelligent.
Nous l’apprécions depuis plusieurs années au Vercors sports team ou il fait l’unanimité.
Bon choix donc comme Ambassadeur Razwar

Blouzat patrice

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