Le poil de barbe

Beard hair

The beard is a collection of hair that covers the cheeks, chin, jaw and around the edge of a man's mouth.


Gentlemen, the hairs of your beard are rooted in your skin thanks to the hair follicle (the root of the hair). The visible part that comes out of the skin is formed by three concentric layers which are the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla. Note that the hair is rooted about 4mm below the skin. It is formed within the hair follicle by an assembly of two types of cells, keratinocytes and melanocytes. These cells multiply very quickly and divide continuously.

Life cycle

As with hair, beard hairs have a lifecycle, from growing to falling. It is normal to lose it every day. This life cycle can vary according to the areas of the face (between 6 to 15 months for the beard). As the life cycles progress, the hairs that grow back in theory become finer. Men have more facial hair than women because of the increased levels of androgen hormones.

Ingrown hairs why?

This is particularly unpleasant, but it does happen. Why ? The ingrown hair came out of its follicle but failed to pierce the dermis and it continues to grow. As a result, it will grow inside the skin and usually result in a pimple which can be painful, very painful, and even embarrassing. It’s not pleasant, but you have to break that button. How? 'Or' What ? By doing a facial steam bath with or without essential oils (organic apricot kernel essential oil) or simply by putting a cotton ball soaked in hot water for a few minutes. Then try to puncture this pimple between two cotton pads soaked in disinfectant before it becomes infected and becomes a pimple saturated with pus ... If you have managed to get it out, gently remove it with tweezers and disinfect carefully. If you can't get it out, consider going to your doctor to have it removed.

To prevent this from happening again, once a week do a facial steam bath over a bowl of hot water with apricot kernel essential oil and then apply a light exfoliant to unclog the pores. skin.

Maintain your beard

Castor oil is a natural product made from castor seeds. Choose it pure and unrefined. It has many virtues: an unusual nourishing effect, it accelerates beard growth for a full beard. She nourishes the hair, makes it more shiny, supple and softer. Castor oil stimulates hair from root to tip. If you have holes in your beard, this oil can stimulate the hair follicle ...

To maintain your beard: Apply castor oil to your entire beard. Put a damp, warm towel on it and leave for 30 minutes to let the oil penetrate. Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm and cold water alternately to activate blood circulation and close the pores.

Women love beards

Apparently women are attracted to slightly bearded men. But beware, a growing and well-groomed beard ... But, we prefer to say that it is a matter of taste because the beard does not suit everyone either ...

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