Some details on shaving

Shaving is for many a ritual of care. In any case, we do not shave properly. There are essential steps and an order to follow in the steps to follow ...

The duration of shaving

It should not exceed 30 minutes. Between 20 and 25 minutes is the ideal time.

The moment

The ideal shave should be done early in the morning. And avoid shaving after 6 pm because the skin will firm up and it is harder to soften it. As a result, the risks of snags and cuts are accentuated.

Ritual to follow

  • Soak a small guest towel in hot water or a shaving towel Raz * War, wring it out well and place it on the area to be shaved. This will open the pores of your skin, soften the hairs and facilitate the passage of the blade.
  • Spend the'artisanal shaving oil on the area to be shaved. Pour a few drops of our shaving oil onto your fingertips and apply to clean, wet skin.
  • Then apply using your wet badger, the shaving soapRaz * War soaps are handcrafted using a cold saponification process from organic ingredients. They are pleasant to use because the texture is great and the three fragrances super pleasant according to the ambassadors of the brand, Michel Fouarge and Jean-Philippe Facques. The foam is applied in a circular fashion for a good distribution of the foam. the bowl Raz * War will allow you to obtain a creamy foam and have a good glide!

The FIRST blade pass

It is necessary to follow the direction of the hair implantation which is different on each person.

For a right-handed person, the left hand should be positioned above the area to be shaved. It will tighten the skin of the face.

The movement of the razor should come from the wrist, not the arm. Thus, your movements are more flexible, less abrupt.

The SECOND blade passage

The second pass is done this time against the grain to perfect the first pass of the blade, but it is not essential.

After shaving is finished

  • Rub an alum stone on your shaved face. It is a mineral which will purify your skin, which will slow down the appearance of ingrown hairs and which, above all, has a very effective astringent (tightens the tissues) and healing action.
  • Moisturize your face to bring it comfort.

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