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Organic artisanal shaving soap - Spice Age

  • €16,95
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Spice Age shaving soap is handcrafted using a cold saponification process using ingredients of organic origin. This shaving soap is scented with citrus fruits (lime, grapefruit, orange) and black pepper. It will bring you a feeling of freshness and soft skin.

We recommend that you always use a shaving brush with our shaving soaps (see our advices). 

Product Features :

100 grammes.

Product rating on the INCI Beauty app: 18.6/20

Ingredients :

Sodium cocoate* (saponified coconut oil), sodium cocoa butterate* (saponified cocoa butter), aqua, sodium olivate* (saponified olive oil), sodium sunflowerate* (saponified sunflower oil), aroma**, ricinus communis oil* (castor oil), urtica dioica leaf extract (nettle extract), limonene***, citral***.

*Certified organic

**100% essential oils

***Natural constituent of essential oils