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Organic artisanal shaving soap - Atomic Kim

  • €16,95
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Atomic Kim shaving soap is handcrafted using a cold saponification process, using organic ingredients. This shaving soap is scented with natural ingredients such as basil and peppermint, and is suitable for all types of shaving. It will bring you a feeling of freshness and soft skin.

We recommend that you always use a shaving brush with our shaving soaps (see our advices).

Product Features :

100 grammes.

Product rating on the INCI Beauty app: 19.1/20

Ingredients :

Sodium Cocoate* (saponified coconut oil), sodium cocoa butterate* (saponified cocoa butter), aqua, sodium olivate* (saponified olive oil), ricinus communis oil* (castor oil), aroma**, spinacia oleracea powder (spinach leaf extract), limonene***.

*Certified organic

**100% essential oils

***Natural constituent of essential oils