Blaireau de rasage et savon de rasage

Your shave Step by Step

Yes, we know that for many of you gentlemen shaving is considered a chore. But, since it's a must-do, we might as well not get upset and try to make it look like a fun time all the same.

Let's transform the chore

For many men, shaving is a waste of time, with cuts, redness, irritation, pimples...

Thanks to Raz*War, shaving will become a pleasant ritual. By adopting the right tools, you'll become a true professional.

Follow us step by step

Most men use disposable razors and spray shaving cream. Oh my... there's more to it than that... get the right equipment and it will change your life completely. You'll feel more confident: you'll cut yourself less, be less irritated, and have more fun as a result.

The equipment you need!

A small investment that will quickly pay for itself because the quality of the material means that it will last longer.

The step-by-step shaving method

1. Prepare your skin for the blade.
To do this, you need to open or dilate the pores of your facial skin by taking a hot shower or by passing a warm, wet towel over your face. The hot water will allow the hair of your beard to soften. This will make it easier for the blade to pass through.

2. Apply your shaving oil and shaving soap with the shaving brush.
Load your shaving brush with shaving soap. A quality lather will keep your skin moisturized and allow your razor to glide smoothly over your face. Coat your face with lather.

3. Start shaving.
Find the right angle for you to be comfortable. Don't press, don't force, just slide the razor. When you've finished the first stroke, put more lather back on to do the second stroke if you want.

4. Remember to clean your instruments well and dry them properly.
5. Rinse your face well with cold water to tighten the pores of the skin. 
6. Apply your moisturizing day cream to give your skin the care it will need to face the day.

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