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Everything you need to know about shaving oil

Shaving oil has multiple virtues, and it is the little secret ingredient that will turn a good shave into a perfect one. Especially useful for men with sensitive skin, thick hair, or who are prone to ingrown hairs or razor burns, shaving oil has been making a comeback lately.

Shaving preparation is once again becoming as important as the actual shave itself. This preparation has even become crucial to an optimal shave and contributes to the comfort and even the speed of the shave. Shaving oil lubricates the skin so that the razor blade glides smoothly over the skin, minimizing the risk of cuts, burns, or irritation.

It is essential to use a shaving oil containing vegetable oils, not synthetic oils such as mineral oils that clog pores, prevent skin from breathing, and can cause pimples and blackheads. In addition to being biodegradable, vegetable oils are also healthier. Being composed of larger molecules than synthetic oils, natural oils stay on the surface of the skin, without penetrating and clogging it.

The benefits of shaving oil

The primary function of shaving oil is to create a protective barrier between the skin and the razor blade. The skin is protected to the fullest extent: the razor blade glides over the face, cutting the hair, but not tearing the skin.

Then, the shaving oil helps soften the hair by preventing the water around the hair from evaporating. It is well known that water and oil do not mix. As the hair is softened, it offers less resistance when cutting, making shaving more pleasant.

A third benefit is that shaving oil helps preserve the longevity of razor blades. Just as oil helps maintain and care for a chainsaw, shaving oil forms a protective layer around the blade, keeping it sharper longer.

Application of shaving oil

Put just a few drops of shaving oil on your fingertips and massage it into the areas to be shaved. Finish the application with an upward movement that lifts the hair. Apply your shaving soap or cream over the oil. Shave as usual. Always remember to rinse your fingers well after applying the shaving oil to prevent your razor from slipping through your fingers afterwards.

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