Les femmes vous préfèrent rasés de près ou pas ?

Do women prefer you clean-shaven or not?

We know, gentlemen, that some of you don't shave every day, but do you wonder if your other half likes it or not? So shaved every day or not?

What do women think?

Many women like clean-shaven men. They see them as well-groomed, caring, looking good. They like the smooth skin and the "I'm looking after myself and I'm clean" look. Women love men with a well-groomed look, that's obvious.

But don't worry gentlemen, other women like men with a day or two of beard. These women find you rather sexy.

A beard needs maintenance

If you want to keep a beard, please maintain it and then it's great. NO, no hair that grows anyhow, the period of the Vikings is over... You want a beard OK! But in this case, go to the barber so that the contours are clean and there it is beautiful. And then, you use your favorite shaving products to keep the maintenance going and stay CLEAN.

Why shave?

Clearly, women prefer to kiss a clean-shaven man. Some hate it when you sting. A shaved man, if you feel like rubbing it is more pleasant (especially when you have fragile skin). No woman wants to have the edge of her mouth all red and irritated by fiery kisses.


Where do men shave?

We don't want a Neanderthal man anymore. It's been over for a long time. Men take care of themselves...

Either they wax their armpits and chest or they shave. Showing hair is not a trend anymore since a long time. They are therefore, like women, hunting for hair and this goes as far as the bikini line and so much the better. Why do they do it? For hygiene and odor concerns, to feel more comfortable and sexy for his partner. It goes both ways fortunately.

Women love men with a well-groomed look. So down with the hair...

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