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Our tips for maintaining a beard, mustache, goatee, or sideburns

Beards, mustaches, and other styles are making a comeback and are a great way to approach a look of your own. Whether you already have a beard or mustache, or you're taking advantage of this confinement to try out a new look at home, these tips are for you.

First and foremost, if you used to shave your entire face closely and you decide to grow a part or all of your beard, don't forget to take two things into account:

  • the shape of your beard will change the shape of your face;
  • it takes a week to a month to achieve the final look.

The Beard


Switching to a beard is without a doubt the easiest since you just have to stop shaving. But beware, wearing a beard does not mean that you just let your hair grow and never have to maintain it. To have a beautiful beard look, it is necessary to regularly mark the limits of your beard with a razor and to trim it.

During the first two weeks of beard growth, you can already draw the border between your beard and your neck or cheeks with a razor. When shaving the back of the neck and part of the cheeks, it is important to continue to apply the right shaving products, otherwise you risk having a beautiful beard growing next to rough skin. Once your beard is longer and fuller, you'll need to use clippers or scissors to adjust the length of the hairs, and a beard comb to style it. Because a beard is like hair: if it's not well styled, it looks messy!

Remember to wash your beard with soap or shampoo. How often? Very simple to remember: if you wash your hair, wash your beard too! To dry it, pat it with a towel instead of rubbing it. This will prevent you from having an itchy beard. Don't hesitate to treat your beard with a little beard oil and comb it with a beard comb, always in the direction of the hair.

The mustache


The mustache look is probably one of the first male fashion statements ever made. There are a variety of different mustache styles, all unique. If this is your first time growing a mustache and you're not sure what type of mustache will look best on you, this tip will help. The greater the distance between the bottom of your nose and your upper lip, the fuller your mustache should be.

We recommend that you purchase a mustache shaver. This is a double-edged razor with one side shorter than the other, allowing you to reach more complicated areas. If you want to keep your mustache in a certain position throughout the day, you can use a little mustache wax.

The Goatee


The goatee is often composed of a mustache and beard on the chin. For the mustache part, the maintenance is the same as for those who wear only the mustache. The chin part can have different lengths. Like the beard, it is important to mark the contours of the goatee. To do this, make horizontal razor movements towards the goatee. Never make vertical strokes along the demarcation of the goatee.



Depending on the length of the sideburns, your look will change completely. They can stop at ear level or go around your jawline. To wear them well, make sure they are always the same length and thickness. To compare each sideburn, it's essential to look at yourself in the mirror while shaving, not on your side. If possible, use your right hand to shave the left side and your left hand to shave the right side. This will ensure a symmetrical result.


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