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Old fashioned shaving is TRENDY

More and more men are embracing this trend of using beautiful objects to take care of themselves. So, they are proud to carry on the tradition and bring out their beautiful shaving brush and razor that is a REAL razor and not a disposable plastic one (not great for the  environment).

A return to the roots

This return to tradition is great for manufacturers who work with purists who love beautiful materials, noble and healthy products. With the old-fashioned shaving, you've hit the nail on the head.

Moreover, this way of shaving will bring back memories of the past, when you saw your father or grandfather coating their faces with that white and creamy lather.

Raz*War razors

Raz*War razors are appealing because they are made of quality materials. They are perfect for a clean beard. With them, your shaving experience will be unmatched because you will shave in the pure tradition. Therefore, the Raz*War razors will be your first ally of the day that will start well. You'll quickly become a fan of the method.

Shaving tips


  • We recommend that you take a shower before shaving. The heat will open the pores of your skin and thus prepare your face for shaving. The waterlogged hairs will be easy to cut.
  • We strongly advise you not to pass your razor several times on the same places to avoid irritating your skin unnecessarily. Multiple passes are unnecessary, but if you really want to do it, remember to reapply lather between each pass.
  • So use slow, precise strokes and you'll be fine.
  • After shaving, make a habit of running cold water over your face to close the pores.

Use of a shaving soap

The use of soap is recommended for traditional shaving. Indeed, a soap, which moreover is organic, will be the most adapted and is less aggressive for the face than the products which one finds at the supermarket, like shaving foam which dries the skin. Your facial skin is worth better than that. Opt for quality soaps that will also last longer.

The famous shaving brush

Does it have a use? Of course it does! By making circular movements to apply your soap, you prepare your skin by activating the circulation. The best thing to do is to leave the product on for a minute before you start working on it. This way, the soap will have time to act thanks to its water content, softening the hair and moisturizing your skin.

See you soon for more tips. Read our other articles about shaving.

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