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Shaved or with a beard?

Beard hair consists of a part buried under the skin, the hair follicle, usually called the hair root, and a visible part, the shaft or hair fiber, made up of three concentric layers:

  • The cuticle, 
  • The cortex,
  • The medulla. 

You should know that the hair is rooted at about 4mm under the skin. It grows on average 0.27mm per day, but this varies according to the individual.

Shaving and maintenance

Contrary to what we sometimes read, shaving does not make beard hair harder. In fact, the razor blade cuts the hair at an angle and this just makes it sharper, hence the impression.

Shaving can be tedious or perceived in a negative way because it's grueling. And some fragile skin is prone to irritation, redness, stinging, dryness, tightness. In these cases, you just have to use the right products. Indeed, it can make all the difference and change your life gentlemen. Using quality products is important because it is essential to take care of your facial skin. We therefore avoid buying shaving products, care products and razors in supermarkets. The skin of your face will feel better.


The beard

Wearing a beard was fashionable and even imposed by traditions or religions depending on the era and the socio-cultural context. It is one of the attributes, founding according to certain ethnologists, of masculinity. 

In recent years, it has become a fashion "instrument" that allows men to create their own style. But honestly, it must be well done and cared for, otherwise it quickly becomes neglected. A well-groomed beard is really a beautiful asset. A barber can help you to become a master in this field.


Take care of your skin

Beard or no beard, you must take care of your skin and moisturize it. If you don't have a beard, remember to do a mask or scrub every two weeks to gently exfoliate any impurities.

Do not wash your face with your shower gel. Instead, use a superfatted soap, soap bars based on vegetable oils (such as Marseille soap or Aleppo soap), superfatted which will nourish and protect your skin. Moisturize your skin morning and night, it is strictly advised. 


Some examples of products

Hydrance from Avène will moisturize your skin while protecting it daily from UV rays, free radicals and pollution. Its unctuous and velvety texture leaves the skin soft, supple and luminous all day long.



Biotherm's repairing balm offers intense relief and is a concentrate of resilience against daily aggressions. This balm has the power to accelerate the skin's repair and offers intense relief from irritations.



Liérac's anti-wrinkle repair fluid is ultra-concentrated in restructuring active ingredients. This vitamin-rich fluid boosts the skin's collagen production and repair systems to visibly reduce the signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles). Smoothed and perfectly moisturized, the skin regains its elasticity and tone.


Al Bara products

Al Bara is a young company that offers high quality Spa products and Aleppo soaps with the objective of perpetuating the excellence and refinement of the East, while allowing Syrians to continue working in their country at war. 

Al Bara soaps are real Aleppo soaps, made in Aleppo and its region, rigorously selected by an Aleppine, Zeina, General Manager of Al Bara, Syrian arrived in France because of the war, and whose grandfather owned a soap factory. 

Al Bara's soaps are 100% natural and vegetable. Based on noble oils of laurel and olive, they are manufactured according to a thousand-year-old artisanal method of very slow cooking of oils in a cauldron, which allows the soaps to preserve all their active vegetable ingredients. Their authenticity can be recognized thanks to their heart which has a beautiful green color, linked to their laurel content. We recommend them to you.

Savons Al Bara

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