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What is the link between shaving and lockdown?

Since lockdown has become the norm standard in most European countries, shaving may have become trivial for you. However, lockdown and the prohibition of going to the hairdresser or barber should not prevent you from taking care of yourself.




Lockdown might even be the perfect moment for your to have time in the search for the perfect shave, when you wouldn't want to give as much time (at least, that's what you think) to this quest in normal times. This is the perfect time to improve your shaving skills and pamper yourself! There is no harm in using a system razor (we have an excellent one: El Fidel Neo) but it could also be a great opportunity to try out a DE razor. What if it's also time for you to try out a new look?


Look barbichette


Let's remind a few basic principles: (1) Shave ideally right after a shower. (2) Use a badger to apply foam (from soap or shaving cream). (3) Shave first with the grain (4) Apply a balm after your shave (after thorough cleansing of the face).

Why do that?
(1) First of all, water is a crucial element for effective shaving. It softens the hair, making it easier for the blade to cut. It takes just over 3 minutes to get maximum softening.

(2) The water brought by the lather (between the foam bubbles) continues to help, the foam having, above all, lubricating properties.

(3) Shaving in the direction of the hair requires only a little extra concentration. Nevertheless, this will help to avoid irritation and achieve "baby buttocks softness".

(4) The balm will help nourish your skin while calming some irritations due to shaving, giving you a very nice and smooth skin, already preparing your for your next shave.

All this requires, indeed, a little more time… but aren't you taking a shower anyway? In this case, just make sure that your shave is happening immediately after it. And, for the rest, creating and applying a lather takes a few seconds (or minutes) more than using the wrong products (like canned foams) on your skin. Still, after a few days/ weeks of exercise, you will remember this ritual for life. Cutting your hairs with concentration (In 3 passes: with the grain, against the grain, and parallel) will also take a few seconds more, but you will know these gestures by heart. Finally, applying a balm will not have an impact on your “top chrono shave”.

Our recommendation would be the following: now that you have some spare time (before your next telework session), take some time to concentrate on your shave… It will only take some more time during the first weeks, but by the time lockdown will be over, you will definitely enjoy this new pleasure of shaving 😊

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Un article très instructif ! J’ai vraiment envie de tester vos lames.


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