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Take care of yourself gentlemen

Men are taking better care of themselves. Indeed, care is not only reserved for women anymore. women. And cosmetic companies are well aware of this.

Moisturize your face

Your skin is attacked on a daily basis. It is necessary to moisturize your face morning and evening. It must be a reflex, a habit to take. Here are some quality products that you will find in pharmacies and that you can use with your eyes closed.

  • Avène Men Soin Hydratant Anti-Âge is an alcohol-free anti-aging moisturizer. Enriched in fragments of hyaluronic acid to relaunch the synthesis of natural hyaluronic acid, in glycol to give again with the skin its elasticity and in prétocophéryl to prevent the oxidative stress. Formulated with anti-irritating and soothing Avene thermal spring water, this anti-aging moisturizer provides a complete response to the skin. Reboosted, the skin is visibly firmer. Its melting and not sticky texture penetrates quickly and gets to the skin a feeling of comfort to the daily newspaper.
  • Nuxe's multi-functional moisturizing gel moisturizes, energizes and strengthens the skin, matifies oily areas. It is used morning and evening.
  • Thanks to Lierac Homme's Premium Anti-Aging Fluid, stop the effects of discomfort and aging on your skin. 
  • Fans of organic products will love Weleda's Moisturizing Cream for Men. Thanks to its light and fluid texture, it is easy to apply, penetrates quickly and leaves the skin perfectly hydrated. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.


After shave products

Shaving can irritate certain fragile skins. It is good to use specific products to calm the razor burn.

  • The after-shave balm of Nuxe is hypoallergenic. It provides immediate comfort and softness, without greasy effect. It moisturizes for 24 hours and reduces the marks of fatigue and stress.
  • The after-shave balm soothing, moisturizing and anti-irritation Liérac is recommended. This balm full of freshness (without alcohol) contains an extract of peppermint which calms the fire of the razor and the feelings of tightening and alleviates irritations.
  • Biotherm's after-shave care was designed for men irritated by shaving. It contains an active alleviating repairing. It immediately calms the heating and compensates the aggression of the razor.
  • Refresh and tone your skin with WELEDA After Shave Lotion. This astringent lotion composed of witch hazel water and myrrh extract combined with essential oils provides skin toning. This lotion has been designed for use both before and after shaving, on dry or wet skin. Before shaving, it firms the beard hair, facilitating the passage of the blade for a perfect shave. After shaving, it refreshes and tones the skin.


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