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Why it is time to use a shaving soap

Traditional shaving foams found in the supermarkets have in common an extended list of ingredients. Some of these ingredients are known allergens or powerful endocrine disruptors (triethanolamine, parabens, etc.), some are even carcinogens (PEGs), and some are extremely harmful to the environment when dumped into the oceans (isopentane). In addition, being packaged in aerosol cans, shaving foams contain highly flammable gases and their containers are very difficult to recycle. Not great, huh?


But then, what can you use to replace these products in your daily life while keeping a comfortable, or even, a more pleasant shave? Dear warriors, it is undoubtedly time for you to switch to our cold saponified shaving soaps. But what is this cold saponification gibberish? In short, cold saponification does not require an external heat source to create the reaction leading to the soap. This means that all the properties of the oils that make up our soaps remain intact. The components will not kill the marine fauna once they are gone in your pipes.


"But your soaps there will never lather as much as my great shaving foam here! And yet! Our soaps are specially designed to bring a creamy lather to your shave and leave you with a smooth, very smooth skin. Because being a warrior doesn't mean that you can't have silky skin while facing your daily battles! Wet your shaving brush, and swirl it over your shaving soap. You'll instantly see a rich lather appear.


Never forget that the key to a successful shave is simply water. When you wet your skin, your hair becomes waterlogged, allowing it to straighten and soften, making the blade more comfortable to use, and extending the life of your blade at the same time! The soap helps to remove the sebum produced by the skin from the hair, allowing the keratin in your beard to absorb more water, for a more efficient shave. So, do you also want to be part of the revolution?

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