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Advice from Jérome, shaving professional

Jérome Bracco is responsible for the Salon de Coiffure Antonini in Dudelange, Luxembourg. He already has 21 years of professional experience as a hairdresser. In addition to all his training, he wanted 10 years ago to train as a barber. This for several reasons: he wanted to and also because it is always important for him to broaden his knowledge, his field of skills and his service delivery.

The course of the shaving session according to Jérome

  • The client must be semi-lying down, well settled and relaxed,
  • His head should rest on a headrest so that the skin of his neck is taut,
  • The barber is thus in the ideal situation to observe the face and the skin of his client before starting,
  • Jérome studies the client's bone structure: the jawbones, the cheekbones, the chin, protruding bones. Indeed, all these elements are to be taken into consideration because they will modify and determine the angle of approach of the razor.

Two essential steps


Service flow at Jérome:

  • Disinfection of the razor in front of the customer and new blade,
  • oil massage,
  • Passage of the badger with the shaving cream,
  • First stroke of the razor in the direction of hair growth.


  • massage oil massage,
  • Passage of the badger with the shaving cream,
  • We put a hot towel on the beard,
  • Passage of the badger with the shaving cream,
  • Second passage of the razor in the opposite direction of hair growth,
  • We put on a cool towel to tighten the pores,
  • We put on an alcohol-free treatment,
  • Disinfection of the razor and the blade is thrown away without putting one back.

There are 3 very important elements in shaving


It is identification. The fact that the barber adapts his work to the morphology of the model, to his style. Jérome explains to us that he is there to guide his client, to direct him. Before that, casually, he will have already observed his style of dress, his accessories, his cut, his general style. For the technical side, he will also have analyzed his beard, its color, its location and its density. The goal is to create a beard in line with all these elements.


Jérome explained to us that each skin, each hair has its own vibration. Each blade will produce a different sound and a different vibration. The inclination of the blade will give a different vibration. A good barber must feel the beard and choose the right angle. Of course, experience will improve all this.


If the barber does not hear anything, it is because he does not shave! The sound is induced by the quality of the blade. The sound produced belongs to each beard and is also inherent in the angle of the blade. The rules Jerome imposes on himself

  • He does not train in front of customers,
  • He doesn't answer the phone while shaving,
  • Good ergonomics are essential,
  • A barber must be elegant at all levels (dress, verbal),
  • He disinfects his tools before and after each shave,
  • He pays attention to his face, to his own facial expressions because "what we we feel, the client feels it”,
  • Jérome trains regularly to perfect his technique,
  • He sweeps before shaving if the client has had his hair cut,
  • Jerome closes his razor when he is not using it.

The different styles of beards

  • 3 day beard
  • Moustache
  • Goatee
  • Goat
  • Favorites
  • Souvarov style (beard style which consists of joining two sideburns with a mustache)
  • Imperial style (designates the form of beard worn by the last of the French emperors)
  • full beard

How to choose your beard style?

The objective of your beard is to bring another dimension to your face in order to highlight certain assets, but in other cases, it can also be used to hide small flaws. The beard you sport defines your personality. It can reveal your strength, your energy but also your softness, your glamour, your stability, your rigor! Your beard says it all! (Easy OK!).

Barber tools

  • Badger
  • The straight razor (straight razor used by barbers)
  • hot towel
  • cold towel
  • shaving bowl
  • Shaving oil
  • Shaving foam or cream
  • After shave cream
  • A hemostop pencil or an alum stone (to stop the blood and cauterize the skin if necessary).

Facebook: @SalonANTONINI

2 Liberation Street
L-3510 Dudelange
Tel: +352 51 58 68
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