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The science of designing soaps

A quality shave is a combination of elements that together make a good shave. The use of quality soap is often central in this regard. However, many brands are reluctant to reveal their manufacturing processes and how their soaps work. The banner usually waved, easy and quick, is that of the "manufacturing secret".

While the idea of cultivating mystery is particularly appealing, Raz★War wants to approach things differently. Do we just want to go against the flow? It could be, but it's not only that: we believe in information. We are convinced that the consumer must have the opportunity to understand our products. So we try to provide the maps to learn and make better decisions without busting their heads over complicated scientific names and processes.

In a series of short articles, we offer you the opportunity to regularly reveal a small part of our daily life: the stages of manufacturing and design of several of our products. Today, we'll look at the "design" side of some of our star products: soaps.

How do we create our recipes?

Scientific facts.

This first question may come naturally to mind. Some people sometimes imagine a long bearded druid preparing soaps in a large cauldron, while others imagine a huge production line running 24 hours a day. 

At Raz★War, the truth is close to the druid, except that he is well shaved. This druid does not use an old grimoire, but rather scientific facts to conceive.

Solving a problem.

Designing a quality product is quite a challenge. Even before composing the product, we try to solve a problem. The problem then involves understanding the problems that we want to solve with the product and the best features that we want to achieve in relation to our objectives. For example, depending on the oils used to make the soap, this will vary characteristics such as lathering power, hardness, moisturizing power, etc.

In order to understand this objective, we must first understand the needs of our revolutionary customers. In this way, we ensure that we provide a relevant product that meets their needs.

Scientifically assembled and tested.

Meeting a need is obviously not enough. It must then be assembled, tested and re-tested. And repeat the process several times. This process can take months or even years. Of course, we do not test on animals. Rather, we perform a battery of necessary tests with different tools to ensure the stability and safety of the product for the user. 

Compliance with standards.

Although we like to go against the flow, there is one area where we believe standards are necessary. Your safety. We make sure that the product complies with current regulations and take all necessary steps. 

Many producers do not comply with the many regulations in force. Did you know, for example, that every cosmetic product must have a lifetime record? It's almost like a "travel diary" that records formulation, tests, origin and much more. At Raz★War, we take the respect of these standards very seriously: your health is at stake! 

The users' verdict.

Probably one of the most crucial steps. After all the previous steps have been completed, we submit the product to a sample of testers to get their first impressions, feelings, and feedback. And we repeat this process over and over again for months on end. In this way, we make sure that the product developed meets a need and is of high quality.

In summary, the first stage of a soap's life is made up of a ribbon of sub-steps, all of which are important, which together make a qualitative soap. The shaving soap you use in the morning is therefore the result of long expertise and a long process involving many intermediaries to provide you with a quality shave.

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