Guide d'un rasage efficace

Guide to an smooth Shave

Whether you shave every day or wait until you've had a short beard  before starting, these few steps will help you enjoy a smooth shave. First and foremost, remember that it's important to wet your face and apply your shaving cream or soap before shaving. If your beard is several days old, it's even better to shave after showering, so that the hair can soak up water and make shaving easier.


The cheeks

Start your shave with your 5-blade razor by following the contours of your face from the ears to the chin. Note that you can use a 3-blade razor directly if you prefer. Shave in the direction of the hair with large, smooth strokes. Remember to rinse your razor regularly between each pass. However, it is not necessary to pass several times in the same place.

The neck

The neck is more subject to ingrown hairs and razor bumps. To avoid them, shave from the chin to the neck. If you choose to go over the same area several times, remember to apply cream or soap again.

The chin

Because chin hair goes in many directions, it is not easy to shave in the direction of the hair. The easiest way is to shave from left to right if you are right-handed, or the other way around if you are left-handed. Avoid making too many passes in the same place.

Between the nose and the mouth

From this stage on, we recommend switching to a 3-blade razor for more precision. You can also use the precision blade on the back of your 5-blade razor. However, this is not necessary; you can still continue shaving with your 5-blade razor. Shave from nose to mouth, and then from mouth to nose. For an effective shave in the area on either side of the mouth, push with your tongue to form a bump. This helps shape the area to make shaving easier.

The chin bump

Shave off the few hairs that would have remained on the chin. Remember to apply lather if necessary.

With the right tools and products, these few steps should make your shaving ritual simpler and more effective. Of course, these tips are not written in stone, and over time you'll surely find ways to perfect your own shaving ritual.

You're ready to revolutionize the world!

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