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How to choose between our two revolutionary razors?

You were browsing our site in search of a new razor, but couldn't decide between our two revolutionary razors? Warriors who have been following Raz*War for a long time already know it: our two most popular razors are the El Che and the El Fidel Neo. So how do you choose between these two razors, each as formidable as the other, but with very different technologies?


We thought that our El Fidel Neo razor, which has 5 blades, would be perceived as more powerful than our El Che razor, which has only 3 blades. And yet... The warriors who have tested the El Che would not exchange it for the El Fidel Neo, and vice versa. We see two tribes of warriors, each one extremely faithful to their razor.


Raz*War wanted to offer warriors who shave with a disposable razor a quality shave at a great price. The El Che features a fixed three-blade head, ideal for a close shave. Due to its smaller number of blades, it prevents ingrown hairs that occur when the hair is cut too many times and ends up under the skin. Moreover, El Che blades are covered with a strip of aloe vera that helps to hydrate the skin, and we can't stress that enough, hydration is a key element for a pleasant shave!


Our El Fidel Neo, on the other hand, has 5 blades and a swivel head from a more recent technology. Its 5 blades will leave your skin softer than the El Che, and have nothing to envy to the Big Razor Companies that you can find in the supermarkets. Indeed, dear warriors, in addition to offering you a shave of quality, Raz*War also allows you to save money. With Raz*War, you can shave AND increase your holidays budget!


So what are you waiting for? Revolutionize shaving with us!

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