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At Raz*War, we want to offer the best shaving experience to our customers. So who better than you to tell us about your shaving habits, what you like, what you'd like to improve, what you dream about? Whether you use a safety razor, a 5-blade razor, a trimmer, a disposable razor, a 28-blade razor (but at this point, it's not shaving anymore, it's peeling), it doesn't matter, we're curious to know everything!


It's simple, the purpose of this questionnaire is to get to know you better, in order to better serve you. It's not just for Raz*War enthusiasts, it's open to anyone who shaves their face. Because if Raz*War hasn't convinced you yet, we want to understand why. If you're already a fan of the brand, of our razors, of our shaving soaps (we're very proud of them!), we also want to know what you like, what excites you about our products.


Would you like to see more products on the store? This is also where it happens; tell us everything, what would make you shiver, your most secret desires. Maybe we can fulfill your most cherished wishes? Maybe these wishes are already in the works and all we need is your opinion to convince us... By participating in our social research, you will even have the opportunity to sign up to test new products before they are released!


Tell us about your shaving brush, whether it is made of synthetic or natural hair, your shaving soap or cream (if you always use shaving foam, we highly encourage you to read this), the qualities and defects of your razor (whether it comes from Raz*War or not). As you've probably understood, social R&D cannot work without you.


Wanna help us help you? Here is where the magic happens.

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