Synthetic Fiber Shaving Brush with "Silver Tip"

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Why a shaving brush?

Sprayed foam and gel dry out the skin. Propellants are petroleum derivatives. So, it's best to use soap or shaving cream with the help of a shaving brush. This will produce a quality shaving foam and allow you to spread it evenly over your face. However, the quality of shaving brushes differs greatly, so choose the right one.

Why this shaving brush?

This shaving brush was designed for the man who wants to rediscover the world of old-fashioned shaving, but also for the shaving expert who wants to try a new one. However, it is more attractive for the expert.

This shaving brush has been designed with synthetic fibres instead of animal or vegetable fibres, so-called "SilverTip Fibers". These are extremely durable, high quality, handcrafted from excellent materials and equivalent to the "Silvertip badger" quality, the highest quality shaving brush hair.

This shaving brush, sold in an attractive package, is particularly suitable for a valuable gift.

Product features:

- Synthetic fibres prevent the bacterial development often found in shaving brushes with natural hair.

- Shaving brushes with natural hair are often subject to very slow degradation, which is not very problematic except that the resulting particles are allergenic.

- This shaving brush will be particularly appreciated by "wet shaving" enthusiasts who want something extra. Therefore, it can be considered a valuable gift.

- In terms of quality, the "Silvertip" fibres have a similar quality to the "Silvertip Badger" quality, which is the highest quality of shaving brush hair.


- Soak the brush in hot water.

- Swirl the shaving brush around in the soap until you have a nice lather

- Move the shaving brush in an up-and-down pattern

- Keep your skin wet and lubricated while shaving with warm water

- Re-lather with the brush if necessary

- Rinse your razor often

- After shaving, rinse your face with cold water to close the pores of your skin.


BlackFiber" synthetic hair.