• The science of designing soaps

    A quality shave is a combination of elements that together make a good shave. The use of quality soap is often central in this regard. However, many brands are reluctant to reveal their manufacturing processes and how their soaps work. The banner usually waved, easy and quick, is that of the "manufacturing secret".

  • Why we created Raz★War

    "In the beginning, shaving was shapeless and empty; there were disposable razors on the surface of the skin, and the spirit of shaving moved over an indelicate foam. " - Genesis of Shaving

  • The (scary) shaving figures - Part 1

    Have you ever thought about how much time you spend shaving? The average time spent shaving with a razor blade is 7 minutes, from shaving preparation to rinsing your face. That's already less than a woman's 10.9 minutes for a leg shave. We also know that 1.3 billion men shave. Some do not shave for religious reasons (7%), others for pure comfort. Even though beards, whether long lasting or "2-3 days", are making a strong comeback in the Western world (but observers are seeing large fluctuations in these changes in habit), we can consider that 85% of men shave at least every day.